Flygarhallen – Conference room

The building was built in 1931, as a meeting room and classroom, etc., by builder Johan Lindberg in Perstorp at a cost then of SEK 45,860.

The so-called Chief Pavilion, which was previously on the site, has been demolished, and wood, bricks and foundation and stepping stones from it were reused during construction. In the building, which was completed in December 1931, there are then in addition to the main hall, vestibule, cloakroom and toilets, including two reading rooms, an apartment on the ground floor and an apartment on the second floor.

From 1943, Flygarhallen became the home of the newly established music corps, which remained until the corps was disbanded in the autumn of 1957.
The main hall served for many years as a cinema hall. The book store was housed in the apartment on the second floor but moved to the weapons store before 1980.

There are now conference facilities for 216 people. Booking of the conference room can be done via our booking system.

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