Which entrance to Söderåsen is right for you?

What do you want to experience, how do you want to eat and live? Below the map you can read about Söderåsen’s nine entrances and what characterizes them.

1. Klåveröd – an adventurous starting point
Around Klåveröd there is wild and untouched nature, with breathtaking cliffs and valleys. You can, among other things, hike, ride, swim, fish and climb. There is also a mountain bike track for those who like speed.

2. Ljungbyhed – a well-equipped entrance
In Ljungbyhed there is a good range of services, including a grocery store, accommodation and farm shops. Here you have access to several trails for both hiking and cycling. This is also where Söderåsen Resort has its base. in Ljungbyhed Park there are great opportunities for activities, golf, food in the restaurant Lucy’s in the sky and various accommodation, including pitches for caravans and mobile homes. In Ljungbyhed there is also Herrevadskloster which was once a hub for travelers and it was here that Tycho Brahe discovered a new star Stella Nova in Cassiopeia’s constellation in 1572.

3. Skäralid – the popular entrance
Skäralid is by far the most well-known and popular entrance to Söderåsen – and there is a reason for that. The area is incredibly beautiful and dramatic, and this is where Söderåsen National Park begins.

4. Klippan – an easily accessible junction
It is easy to get to Klippan by train, bus or car. In the beautiful valley Rönneådalen there are a number of attractions and a nice selection when it comes to accommodation, meals and shopping. Here you will also find the internationally famous
St. Peter’s Church, built by architect Sigurd Lewerentz and which attracts visitors from all over the world every year.
Klöva Hallar is a nature reserve and one of Skåne’s most exciting excursion destinations. Here you can experience a magical, wild and magical world in the dramatic landscape and go on exciting expeditions in beech forests and valleys.

5. Röstånga – the hidden gem
In Röstånga there is a good range of services and proximity to Nackarpsdalen, which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places on Söderåsen. One of the attractions is the almost circular Odensjön, which is surrounded by 30 meter high cliffs.

6. Åstorp – where the ridge begins
This is where Söderåsen and Skåneleden begin. In the Arboretum at Kalvahagen, not far from Tingvalla, you can learn all about the trees on Söderåsen, and nearby there are also a number of other natural and historical attractions.

7. Billesholm – the untouched entrance
When you start your nature experience in Billesholm, you do not need to be crowded with others. If you still want to do something more conventional, there is also a scenic golf course and a well-developed mountain bike course.

8. Kågeröd – worth a visit
The village is located in a border area between forest and open landscape on the southern slope of Söderåsen. Just outside Kågeröd are two well-known places to visit, for the motorsport-interested motorway Ring Knutstorp and for the historically interested, Knutstorp’s castle where the well-known astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546) was born is interesting. Kågeröd is reached with daily bus and train connections.

More to see and do in the Söderås area

Herrevadskloster is a historically rich place that Archbishop Eskil in 1144 founded a monastery belonging to the Cistercian order, the first in what was then Denmark. The monastery was active until 1565.
The monastery is located along road 13, once upon a time it was a strategic place when the national road that went from Lund up to Sweden attracted many travelers. It is after the Reformation in the 1530s that Herrevadskloster becomes really famous. The Danish court turns Herrevadskloster into an estate and various nobles own the farm. During the time of County Governor Steen Bille in the 1560s and 1580s, his nephew Tycho Brahe stayed here and it was here on November 11, 1572 that Tycho Brahe discovered a new star, Stella Nova. For his discovery, which makes him famous, he receives an offer from the Danish king Fredrik II to establish an observatory. For this purpose, the island of Ven was chosen, located in the Sound where the Uraniborg observatory was built. Today, it is Herrevad’s military history that gives the facility its character. As early as the 1690s, shortly after Skåne became Swedish, a colonel’s residence was established here and military operations continued into the 1980s. Today, Herrevadskloster is privately owned.

Knutstorp is located on the southern slope of Söderåsen about 4 kilometers east of Kågeröd. The castle is strongly associated with the astronomer Tycho Brahe, since he was born here in 1546. Knutstorp has been a manor house since the middle of the 14th century. The motorway “Ring Knutstorp” belongs to the property and is just over 2 km from the castle.

Kalle på Spången
Spången’s inn is one of the most Scanian you can find and a place with a lot of history, its own small museum, which is connected to Edvard Persson and “Kalle på Spången”. The film “Kalle på Spången” was shot in the summer before the Second World War, where the film team lived in the inn and filmed in the surroundings. A traditional place that puts Ljungbyhed on the map.

Tomarps kungsgård
Tomarps kungsgård is located at Kvidinge about five km east of Åstorp. It is a four-length stone house on two floors around a cobbled courtyard. Outside the courtyard squares, remains of the moat can be seen in the form of elongated ponds. Today’s Tomarp with its unadorned facades and gables is not very reminiscent of the stately Renaissance castle, which was depicted by Gerhard Buhrman in the 1680s. Today, Tomarps kungsgård is a gallery with cafés and public events.

Trolleholms slott
Trolleholm Castle has belonged to three families; Thott, Trolle and Bonde and is today not open to the public. The original castle was built in 1538 by Tage Ottosson Thott and Tycho Brahe’s sister, Sophia lived here. The curiosity is that “Stars at the castle” was recorded on Trolleholm in 2006 and 2007 and was shown on SVT.

Wrams Gunnarstorps slott
Wrams Gunnarstorps is located on the south side of Söderåsen in northwestern Skåne – with the forest in the back and with the plain landscape that spreads out in front. The castle was originally built as a hunting castle intended for recreation with inspiration from France. Vrams Gunnarstorp Castle has extremely high cultural-historical values ​​but is not open to the public.

Söderåsen Shooting & Events
Söderåsen shooting & events is located at Wrams Gunnarstorp. On the modern shooting range, you are welcome to practice hunting and shooting, but also hang out with friends and maybe test what it is like to shoot with a gun, is it really as easy as it is on film? Feel free to read more on their website: :http://www.shootingevents.se/index.php

Snälleröds Säteri och Bränneri
At Snälleröds Bed & Breakfast you live in a lovely manor house environment from the 18th century and Snälleröds Bränneri arranges schnapps tastings for groups on the farm.

Söderåsens älgpark
Guided moose safari in the moose’s natural forest environment. An exciting experience in a beautiful natural environment on Söderåsen.

Söderåsens turridning
At Söderåsens Turridning you can enjoy a fantastic experience of Söderåsen’s varied nature and rich wildlife in the saddle of a Haflinger horse or Nordsvensk. The horses are used to the surroundings in the “Skåne Alps” and are safe and secure on foot. The riding takes place in western saddles and old and young, even you who are not a rider, can follow out into the woods.

Kaffestugan Lotta på Åsen
On the slope of the leafy Söderåsen is the 100-year-old coffee house “Lotta på Åsen”. Sit down in the garden and enjoy crispy, old-fashioned waffles with homemade jams and cream, traditional cake buffet of homemade cakes.

Mickes glassateljé
Genuine handmade Italian ice cream is made in Kvidinge on Norra Kyrkogatan 9, opposite JD Stenqvist.
Visitors from near and far have found here all summer in line with the rumor about the ice cream having spread. Michael Praschesaits makes Italian ice cream that is sold both as ball ice cream and in half-liter packages for those who want to take ice cream home. The recipe for ice cream comes from Italian Bologna, the result is a creamy and tasty ice cream. Lots of different flavors every time, it becomes a lifelong love after a visit to Micke’s ice cream parlor. Take the opportunity to sit down in the garden and enjoy

In Bökesåkra, permaculture is grown sustainably, with farm sales of organic vegetables. Café / Restaurant located in the middle of the plantations, has a kitchen and wood-fired pizza oven. Only open on special occasions such as open garden, pizza buffet, harvest party etc.

Sweet Harmony
Sweet Harmony is the café with completely gluten-free products. Everything is baked without wheat starch and instead pure products such as rice flour, corn flour, oats, buckwheat flour and almond flour are used. Packaged biscuits, cakes and chocolates sold in the store are also gluten-free.

Bonnarps hjortgård
At Bonnarps Hjortgård you will find meat and charcuterie products of high quality, both fallow deer and wild game. Everything is slaughtered at the farm slaughterhouse. Welcome to our farm shop in Bonnarp just outside Ljungbyhed. Fallow deer in the game enclosure by the farm.

Övarps gårdsbutik
Here you will find fantastic fine meat of the highest quality, everything from the farm’s pastures to the customer’s stomachs. The high-rib burgers are fantastic to grill as are their various sausages.

Viking Fågel
In Össjö you will find high quality chicken and turkey in the farm shop Viking Fågel which has animal-friendly breeding and which was the supplier for the Nobel dinner 2019.

Dymöllans gårdsbutik
If you are looking for freshly smoked eel, cold-smoked salmon or shellfish, you should go to Dymöllan’s farm shop. Here is an outdoor restaurant where Klövabäcken flows past framed by flowering rhododendrons.
Bjärhus farm shop
Organic beef and lamb as well as award-winning charcuterie can be found in Bjärhus farm shop. There is also a large selection of the farm’s own organic vegetables.

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