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Söderåsen Resort

Söderåsen resort offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. You can choose between staying in a hotel, hostel or B&B. The nightlife at Söderåsen resort is about starry night skies, balmy summer breezes and peace and quiet.

Söderåsen resort is the only resort in this undiscovered countryside in Skåne. Whether you are looking for a quiet holiday or an action-packed adventure, you will find something for you and you do not actually have to choose between the two. Maybe you choose to go exploring in nature, or you decide to relax on the golf course or eat well in the restaurant. Experience the wings of history, here stood the cradle of Swedish aviation and Sweden’s first female pilot, Elsa Andersson, was trained here. All this and much more can be learned about at Ljungbyhed’s Military History Museum.

Experience Söderåsen National Park with Söderåsen Resort

Söderåsen National Park is one of the largest contiguous deciduous forests in Northern Europe, approximately 16 square kilometers in size. It is a popular area for hiking and other activities for nature lovers who want to take a break from everyday stress for a while.

The national park was formed in 2001 and is located on Söderåsen, about 40 kilometers east of Helsingborg. The landscape is very varied, with lush deciduous forests, streams and up on the hills a fantastic panoramic view of the ridge.

Skåne’s Grand Canyon

The national park’s best vantage point is without a doubt Kopparhatten, but a mile-wide view of the valley. With its 200 m above sea level, the copper hat is the highest point in the park, and is often called Skåne’s Grand Canyon. All around there are ravines as deep as 90 meters, which creates a dramatic landscape. Difficulty walking? You can drive all the way up to Kopparhatten to enjoy the view – this place is for everyone.

Golf & Nature

Ljungbyheds GK offers a golf course dating from the 1930s that breathes history and is located in a wonderful environment. The course is beautifully situated at the foot of Söderåsen, an 18-hole park course that is both challenging and forgiving.

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Mountainbiking & Cykling

On Söderåsen there are fantastic opportunities to cycle on gravel roads, forest roads and paths.

In Klåveröd you will also find two MTB trails, 6km and 14km long respectively.

Food & Accommodation

Step into the 50s at Lucy´s In The Sky, a restaurant in a retro environment that serves home-cooked food in hearty portions with the motto “better too much than too little”.

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