Crew Barracks Rönnebergs/Frosta

Bo i fantastiska Ljungbyhed med otrolig historia.

Stay over in fantastic Ljungbyhed with an exciting history.

The barracks were built as early as 1883. The extensions to the gables were made at the turn of the century when the barracks were also equipped with washrooms.
The barrack is used as a location to then partly become a hospital barrack with hospital premises at the southern end and accommodation and furry rooms at the northern end.

After rebuilding in 1938, the hospital premises were expanded while housing and pine rooms remained in the northern part.
Hospitals and dental clinics are gradually taking over the entire ground floor.
In 2008, the building was converted into a “facility” for golf high school students.

In 2019, what we today call the hotel was inaugurated.
Here you will find 27 rooms with a fantastic history and views of the golf course and the area.

“The feeling of sleeping and living, in and around history, is transformative and a little exciting.”

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